For 2019-2020, we are reviewing programs that have been funded in recent years, and intend to fund those that have consistently received support. We will not be funding any new programs this school year.

For programs in the 2020-2021 school year, our board is developing a uniform application process to distribute funds to Swift teachers, administration, and student and parent groups. We will prioritize projects that align with our mission and values. We anticipate releasing specific guidelines and an application in May 2020, with applications due in July 2020 and decisions announced in early August 2020. We will announce the availability of the application on this website, in our newsletter, and to Swift teachers, administration, and parent groups.

Past Programs Funded

Friends of Swift funds have supported a variety of programs (more details soon). Our major “founding” project funded by Friends of Swift was the 2016 auditorium renovation.

Friends of Swift Projects

Friends of Swift also uses funds raised to lead community-building efforts. These projects include coffee on the first day of school, the back-to-school picnic, movie nights, and more.